Hello again fetish fun world!

Well hello again fetish fun freaks! We are back with a new look and a desire for some more freaky fun times. Photo and video submissions are once again open, and we are playing with some new video ideas and new models who are ready for (almost) anything!

If you’d like to join us, be over the age of 18 and have an open mind. Be safe in all ways.

Get ready to play. Hit me up on kik or signal for more!

Woman in leather outfit with breasts exposed

Woman in leather outfit with breasts exposed. Pulling off her corset to show the world she has some great tits. This mistress is ready to get down to business; removing her constricting clothing and preparing to humiliate you with her exquisite beauty and perfection.

video / gif image found via sex.com and watermarked / appears to be from flashinggifs.tumblr.

model unkown.
photographer unkown.

Super sexy cat woman in mask

cat latex fetish model

Super sexy cat woman in mask with fingers in panties. Sexy pose in latex fetish cat outfit with mask and tail. Leaned up against the wall, all feline like. Hand between her legs.

model unkown
photographer unkown

image found via sex.com -> http://www.sex.com/pin/7883140-miaow-indeed/

Woman tied in ropes suspened in mid air nude


Woman tied in ropes suspended in mid air nude. Nice rope work, strong spreader bar. Model looks relaxed, even mostly nude for the world to see. Helpless in her trust of her master. Beautiful photo.

pic found via sex.com ( http://www.sex.com/pin/47780739/
model unknown
photographer Ken Marcus (?)

Dominatrix with huge boobs fucking her slave standing up


Dominatrix with huge boobs fucking her slave standing up. Hardcore strapon action, mistress and lesbian slave fucking in the dungeon. Exposing their breasts and shoving a huge dildo into her cunt and up close for the camera to capture it all.

image found via sex.com -> http://www.sex.com/pin/26163688/
models unknown
photographer unkown
location unkown

latex body suit and spread pussy view


Average fit girl, looking hard in a latex body outfit. Full stockings and top, high boot heels. Spreading her legs and offering a view of her pussy. No panties and exposed in all the right places. Average girl turns into erotic art with sexy clothes, boldly showing her pussy and camera angle from down below.

Asian girl arms tied at foot level painting nails with mouth


Asian girl arms tied behind back wearing boots sitting down on the floor. Leaning over with a nail polish brush in her mouth. Pleasing her mistress by painting her toenails with her mouth. Tied tight and collar with chain keeping her bowed down. At her feet, she is one of her domme’s treats! Spa pedicure from your slave girl with skills.

models: unkown
photographer: unkown
image found via: http://www.sex.com/pin/45146158-her-mistress-was-proud-of-her-subs-ability-to-paint-her/

Woman bound in latex fucked from behind till orgasm

Tori gets fucked from behind in this video shoot. Fetish fucking good times as she submits to providing pleasure to men what will take her. Bubble butt exposed, but mostly covered in block latex. Offering her holes and enjoying the satisfaction that comes from providing pleasure to the penis that penetrates her.

Tori getting her pussy poked from behind.

Tori taking it in the ass like a good little whore.

Some other random bitches doing some freaky fetish lesbian pegging action with a strapon, latex and gas mask.

Bonus gifs / vids found at sex.com – that place just keeps ’em coming.

A dominatrix has her slave crawling and chained.


A dominatrix has her slave crawling and chained.

Two hot girls. One domme walking her pet pussy on a chain leash. Crowling naked on the floor, pussy exposed and shown to the world. Choosing to be a submissive whore who belongs on the floor. Working her nice ass and crawling behind her master. This is a sexy gif / video some sexy girls doing some naughty, but not too hardcore video for freaks to enjoy.

models: unkown
Videographer: unknown

gif found via sex dot com

Black and white of a woman in thigh high leather heels and pussy showing

Black and white of a woman in thigh high leather heels and pussy showing

Hot girl enjoys doing costume themed fetish photo shoots. Has photographer with lots of outfits, and we decided to see if we could make it more mysterious by going black and white with it since it’s remix-able via cc license. maybe some more effects would make it more mysterious. One day we will play more we will.


above image turned into black and white for effect testing

image via: Savannah Lee at flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/bootstrutbarbara/7159328793/
(cc attribution required -> https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ )